We’re an independent apparel design firm focused on concept and brand development.

Our firm is based in Brussels, Belgium and started in October of 2018. We know les “tendances” hence the name TENS. We envisioned a design lab with no limitations to give us the freedom to innovate, experiment with technology, explore solutions for sustainability and link with other creative resources and suppliers who shared common values. Our aim was to create opportunities where talented people like us could expand our ideas and work on progressive projects in fashion and apparel that could lead to avenues of growth and business development. And we have continued to go forth with this mission while striving to evolve strategies to help improve things for people and our industry.    

eugene lumpkin

founder / creative chief

Eugene has spent a number of years in the apparel industry and has a broad range of creative experiences and talents. He possesses a great passion for fashion and design and has an entrepreneurial spirit. He has held creative leadership roles for mega retailers retailers and brands in The United States and Europe, had his own collections and invested in small business ventures throughout his career. He has a technology and product scope that includes certification and training in digital marketing, fashion sustainability and strategic design management.